Photo by Mario Scattaloni

Photo by Mario Scattaloni

About Moi

Hi there. My name is Robin Willis and I do a bunch of things. For a very long time I was in the film business and after doing just about everything in that field I happily wound up as a director/director of photography for TV commercials, which I shot all around the world. Most were intentionally humorous. You can see some of them here. I also did and still do shorter pieces that in no way sell anything. 

Throughout my life I have eaten food more or less three times a day.  As such I have become quite fond of it. I wrote "Bar Pinotxo: God is in the Garbanzos" to express my love of my adopted home city of Barcelona, its residents and particularly the chow that represents so much of their charm, culture and character.  If you are so inclined click here where you will be whisked away to a place where you can 1. learn more about the book and 2. most importantly, buy it.

I have always been intrigued by the intersection of society, culture, media and technology. Currently this fascination is represented by two podcasts that I produce; Happenstance, a dark and disconcerting look at our world though the eyes of some really exceptional writers and Hardboiled, a show focusing on stories from the rough and tumble trenches of the food industry.

For whatever reason there's always some project in the works. I'll let you know about them.  Ideas for me are kind of a disease and they have always come to me while I'm taking a shower. I am thinking about bathing less.