Infrastructure and Preserved Lemons

I've got but a couple of days left in the greater New York area. Yesterday I decided to stay in Hoboken which I am finding to be a really delightful town. But I gotta tell you finding things that would be as easy as walking across the street in Barcelona is really difficult here. OK I'm not talking about  Cheerios and bean dip, I was looking for pig cheeks, oxtail and preserved lemons.  But in the "Greatest City of the World" (no I'm not talking about Hoboken) I should not have to take an hour long bus trip to get a couple of only slightly exotic ingredients. 

I consciously make an effort to refrain from beginning sentences with, “You know in Spain...” but the truth is in Spain and at least the countries of Europe I'm well acquainted with – Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Portugal and the aforementioned España – just about everything is just easer and truthfully better. Public transportation exists and is cheap and comprehensive. Infrastructure is well maintained and thorough. And goods are diverse and easily accessible. There are few things (including pig  cheeks) that I can't aquire within a two block radius of my apartment. 

Toss in socialized heath care, free higher education and people who are just so much more content and you have reason enough to doubt that 'Murica' is the greatest country in the world. 




Robin WillisComment