Speed typing

“Warm up. Warm up. Trying to write. Trying to get by. This keyboard is killing me. So many mistakes. I need to type faster I need to write faster. Help me. Help me. Help me. The rhythms of speech. Hemingway. Cognitive dissonance. An aging brain slowed by years of stress and anxiety. How do you write. How does a “real” writer write. It’s a lonely pursuit. It’s complicated. Nothing flows. Are my brain cels tired? Am I truly crappy? What can one due to improve things? Don’t write crap. Write good things. Joan Didion had me for the opening of,  “The Year of Magical Thinking.” Then she lost me when I peeked and and read about a lunch with Tony Richardson in Antibe.

I can write. I know the subject. I want to be organized like a “pro” but I am always happier with stuff that is off the cuff. I like that phrase, “Off the cuff.” What is this type of article of speech called? An idiom? I want to look it up on the Eenternet. I always want to look things up on the Eenternet. Jonathan Franzen uses an old laptop that has no connection to the Eenternet. He super glued in snipped off ethernet plug into the back so he wouldn’t be tempted to plug in and get distracted. I respect this for some reason. I also hear that George R R Martin writes all the “Game of Thrones” books on a computer that runs DOS and has a green screen. There is something to this. I used to really write fast on a an old 8088 and one of the first versions of WORD. Simply put… this keyboard sucks.