Food Cure

I often wake up with a start and sometimes a scream. Sometimes it's as early as 4 a.m. I try to get back to sleep but usually I give up and consult the handheld glowing oracle for the answers to the world's problems. There are never any solutions offered, only more problems. What's pumped back is a veritable orgy of trauma, pain, greed, avarice and heartbreak. Good morning. But what occurred to me as I lay there listening to the swifts predawn swooping and screaming as they gobbled up their bug breakfast, was that the concept of cooking may truly be humanities only claim to being somewhat special. 

It's been debunked repeatedly that humans are the only animals that use tools. Otters, dolphins, chimps, gorillas, crows, octopuses and rodents all utilize and sometimes craft implements to help them get through their day. But as far modern science can tell it's only us homo sapiens that can effectively use a blender. 

I suspect someplace in our species dark and distant past one of our ancestors tossed a hunk of presumably another life form into an either naturally occurring or purposefully ignited fire, breathed deeply, got an idea, flicked out the meat and dug in. 

Truth be told, for me 70 to 95 percent of my pleasure comes directly through my mouth. The other 30 to 5 percent come from making things to go in to said mouth. When you break it on down, cooking and eating is truly what makes my life livable. 

A solution for the world's troubles: Cook more. Argue less. Kill less. Live well. Eat well. Respect. Ya esta.



Robin Willis