Pitching... Rrrrrrrrr

OK currently there are at least 10 major streaming services. You know, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, etc. etc. etc. There are hundreds of cable channels. And the networks. And the terrestrial channels. According to this thing called the INTERNET there are over 1400 prime time TV shows being produced. Apple is getting in the game. APPLE IS GETTING IN THE GAME. Do you here that loud sucking sound? That's the noise that humongous media empires make as the vacuum up every shred of content in the solar system.

Why then when it comes to getting your idea up on some sort of screen is the process seemingly exactly the same as it was when Gillian's Island ruled the airwaves.

"Hey I have a fully fleshed out idea for a great TV show with major figures attached that would be dirt cheap to produce, guaranteed to attract at least half the world's population and probably make the world a better place to live."

"Great... So I know this guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy whose ex-brother-in-law has a cheap apartment sort of near Marina Del Rey and occasionally sees Don Knott's old pool boy walking his dachshund. It's a shoe-in baby!"

In these times of lightning quick INTERNET communications why can't I just whatsapp Reed Hastings the pitch deck and the budget and start shooting?

I'll tell you about our idea. Actually, I'll tell you about Jessica's idea. Stay tuned.


Robin Willis