Human too human

The human condition. Sometimes I just get fed up thinking and hearing about the human condition. Life can be so simple and beautiful yet for the most part we seemingly do everything we (meaning mostly white people of the west) can do to make it miserable. Why do we do this? I suspect it's in the wiring and it's why are the dominant species. And the only reason we are the dominant species is that we 1. don't fit into or contribute the system. 2. we will do anything to survive. 3. we will selfishly consume everything until we are sated. Can we "train" this away? Seeing the innate beauty in things requires ignoring the shallow, petty and ugly and those exhibit the above traits. But if you ignore the shallow, petty and ugly, those  those traits will rise up, take your sandwich and kill your dog.

Music, art, general creativity, love and OK... cooking... are what we do that makes us redeemable. Pretty much everything else is at best an irritation to the planet and at worse what will destroy it.

Humans... Eh.... octopuses... Now they are interesting.  

OK. I take it all back. I just got a picture of my kid, Zoe Willis, with her students in Cambodia. We are a remarkable species who needs to stop fucking around and get rid of those who presume to lead us. Adelante.   

Robin Willis2 Comments